Clemansa Liliana Firca

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Clemansa Liliana Firca graduated in Musicology from the Bucharest National University of Music, and held various positions in the field of musical research, including senior researcher at the History of Art Institute of the Romanian Academy (1965-75, 1994-2001) and director of the George Enescu Museum, Bucharest (1992-94). In 1999 she obtained a Ph.D in Musicology at the Music Academy “Gheorghe Dima”, Cluj. She has won several awards in musicology, such as Bernier Award of the Académie des Beaux Arts (Paris, 1972), the Prize of the Romanian Academy (1974), and Prizes of the Romanian Composers’ and Musicologists’ Society (1972, 1985, 2002, 2005). Her primary research interests are George Enesco’s music and the musical modernism of the inter-bellum period. She is the author of Trends in Romanian Music: 1900-1930 (Bucharest, 1974), Thematic Catalogue of George Enesco’s Works: 1886-1900 (Bucharest, 1985), Modernity and Avant-garde in the Ante- and Interbellum Music of the 20th century: 1900-1940 (Bucharest, 2002), and Enesco: The Relevance of the “Secondary” (Bucharest, 2005). Her other publications include collaborations (George Enesco: Monograph, Bucharest, 1972; Bucharest in the 1920s-1940s: Between Avant-garde and Modernism, Bucharest, 1994), critical editions of texts and scores, and over 70 studies and papers published in Romania and abroad.

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