Constantin Ardeleanu

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Constantin Ardeleanu is professor of modern Romanian history at the Department of History, Philosophy and Sociology of The Lower DanubeUniversity of Galați. During the past years, Constantin Ardeleanu has been a Long-Term Fellow of the New Europe College, an Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest, where he coordinates the Pontica Magna Fellowship Program. He has recently been a research fellow at Utrecht University, within the ERC project Securing Europe, Fighting its Enemies. The Making of a Security Culture in Europe and Beyond, 1815-1914, where he studied the European Commission of the Danube and focused on its contribution towards the establishment of a European security culture. This interest resulted in the completion of the monograph, now in print: The European Commission of the Danube, 1856-1948. An Experiment in International Administration (Brill, 2020).

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