John Gritten

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John Gritten is the author of A Musician Before His Time: Constantin Silvestri, conductor, composer, pianist, with a Foreword by Lord Yehudi Menuhin (First published in 1998 by Kitzinger for Warwick Editions); Full Circle, memoirs of over six wartime years in the Royal Navy; and Howard and Son, a biography of a Member of Parliament. As a journalist he worked for thirty years on national daily newspapers; ten years as managing editor of London-based African news magazines; during the war was a Royal Navy Official Naval Reporter (including coverage of a Normandy beach landing on June 6, 1944); and, post-war, three years in the press relations department of Professor Joliot Curie’s World Council of Peace. He has made many visits to Romania and lives in London with his pianist wife, Anda Anastasescu.

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