Nicolae Gheorghiță

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Nicolae Gheorghiță is Professor of Byzantine Musical Palaeography, Musical Stylistics and Theories of Byzantine Chant Performance at the National University of Music Bucharest (UNMB), as well as a conductor and performer with the Psalmodia Choir of Byzantine music. He is a graduate of the same institution, and has taken higher studies in Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki), and he has been the recipient of research grants from the universities of Cambridge, Saint Petersburg, and Venice. Gheorghiță has also completed two post-doctoral programmes, at the New Europe College and the Musical Institute for Advanced Doctoral Studies, Bucharest. His writings include over fifty articles and 11 books, and edited volumes. Gheorghiță has been a member of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists since 2001, and has twice won the prestigious institution’s prize, in 2010 (Byzantine Music between Constantinople and the Danubian Principalities. Studies in Byzantine Musicology) and 2015 (Musical Crossroads. Church Chants and Brass Bands at the Gates of the Orient), and the Music Prize of the Romanian Academy of Sciences in the same year 2015, for the same book, Musical Crossroads. Nicolae Gheorghiță is also the editor of the Musica Sacra section within the Musicology Today international periodical of the UNMB

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