Vlad Văidean

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Vlad Văidean is presently PhD candidate in musicology at the National University of Music in Bucharest (UNMB), with Valentina Sandu-Dediu as doctoral adviser. He was an Erasmus student at the Institut für Musikwissenschaft in Leipzig, under the guidance of Helmut Loos. He obtained the first prize in various competitions such as: the UNMBʼs National Student Musicology Contest (2012-2015 and 2017 editions), the National Mihail Jora Contest, section for music criticism (2013, 2014), the Musicology Contest from Lipatti Days Festival (2012). He obtained also, in 2017, the prize for the young contemporary music critic, awarded by Actualitatea muzicală. He participated in musicology conferences organized in Bucharest, Iași, Craiova, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca. He published essays, musical reviews, book reviews, studies in journals such as Musicology Today, Acord (magazines edited by UNMB), Actualitatea muzicală and Infinitezimal. Between 2016 and 2018 he wrote programme notes for the concerts of the Radio National Orchestras and Choirs in Bucharest.

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