Zuzana Jurková

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Zuzana Jurková studied ethnology and musicology at Charles University and at the music conservatory in Brno. She is the head of the Anthropological Studies and of the Ethnomusicological program at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University, focused on the research of musics of minorities (Voices of the Weak, 2009; Sounds from the Margins, 2013). She concentrates on Romani music (numerous publications, e.g. Romani Musicians in the 21st Century, 2018; Music – Memory – Minorities: Between Archive and Activism, 2020), the history of Czech ethnomusicology, and, in recent years, urban ethnomusicology (Pražské hudební světy, 2013; Prague Soundscapes, 2014). She has been awarded numerous grants, e.g. Fulbright Research Fellowship; Ruth Crawford Mitchell Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh; Masaryk Distinguished Chair Israel and others.

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