Adrian Iorgulescu’s Symphony No. 2

By Olguţa Lupu

Sonic Zarazas and the Window Technique in Adrian Iorgulescu’s Flute and Clarinet Concertos

By Diana Rotaru

Doina, Bocet, Wehmut, Schatten, Rauch... Ein paar Gedanken mit Bezug auf Doina Rotarus Ästhetik

By Corneliu Dan Georgescu

Post-Enescian Lineage in Romanian Post-War Music. The Representative Case of Doina Rotaru

By Vlad Văidean

Adrian Pop – Theory, Terminology and Stylistic Analysis, Camouflaged among “Prolegomena” and “Didactic Notes”

By Gabriel Banciu

The Pastoral in Adrian Pop’s Vocile nopţii/Les voix de la nuit

By Oana Andreica